FramedPose.h File Reference
#include "Pose.h"
#include <VirtualRobot/VirtualRobot.h>
#include <RobotAPI/interface/core/FramedPoseBase.h>
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class  FramedDirection
 FramedDirection is a 3 dimensional direction vector with a reference frame. The reference frame can be used to change the coordinate system to which the vector relates. The difference to a FramedPosition is, that on frame changing only the orientation of the vector is changed. The length of the vector remains unchanged. This class is usefull e.g. for forces and tcp velocities. More...
class  FramedOrientation
 The FramedOrientation class. More...
class  FramedPose
 The FramedPose class. More...
class  FramedPosition
 The FramedPosition class. More...


 This file offers overloads of toIce() and fromIce() functions for STL container types.


using FramedDirectionPtr = IceInternal::Handle< FramedDirection >
using FramedOrientationPtr = IceInternal::Handle< FramedOrientation >
using FramedPosePtr = IceInternal::Handle< FramedPose >
using FramedPositionPtr = IceInternal::Handle< FramedPosition >
using Matrix6f = Matrix< Ice::Float, 6, 6 >
using SharedRobotInterfacePrx = ::IceInternal::ProxyHandle< ::IceProxy::armarx::SharedRobotInterface >


const VariantTypeId FramedDirection = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::FramedDirectionBase")
const VariantTypeId FramedOrientation = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::FramedOrientationBase")
const VariantTypeId FramedPose = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::FramedPoseBase")
const VariantTypeId FramedPosition = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::FramedPositionBase")
const std::string GlobalFrame = "Global"
const std::string MapFrame = "Map"
const std::string OdometryFrame = "Odom"