Pose.h File Reference
#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <Eigen/Geometry>
#include <ArmarXCore/observers/variant/Variant.h>
#include <RobotAPI/interface/core/PoseBase.h>
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class  Pose
 The Pose class. More...
class  Quaternion
 The Quaternion class. More...
class  Vector2
 The Vector2 class. More...
class  Vector3
 The Vector3 class. More...


 This file offers overloads of toIce() and fromIce() functions for STL container types.


using PosePtr = IceInternal::Handle< Pose >
using QuaternionPtr = IceInternal::Handle< Quaternion >
using Vector2Ptr = IceInternal::Handle< Vector2 >
using Vector3Ptr = IceInternal::Handle< Vector3 >


const Eigen::IOFormat ArmarXEigenFormat (Eigen::StreamPrecision, Eigen::DontAlignCols, " ", "\n", "", "")
void fromIce (const PoseBasePtr &ice, Eigen::Matrix4f &pose)
void fromIce (const PoseBasePtr &ice, Eigen::Matrix< float, 4, 4, Eigen::RowMajor > &pose)
Eigen::Matrix4f fromIce (const PoseBasePtr &pose)
void fromIce (const QuaternionBasePtr &ice, Eigen::Matrix3f &rotation)
void fromIce (const QuaternionBasePtr &ice, Eigen::Matrix< float, 3, 3, Eigen::RowMajor > &rotation)
void fromIce (const QuaternionBasePtr &ice, Eigen::Quaternionf &quaternion)
Eigen::Quaternionf fromIce (const QuaternionBasePtr &rotation)
void fromIce (const Vector3BasePtr &ice, Eigen::Vector3f &vector)
Eigen::Vector3f fromIce (const Vector3BasePtr &position)
PosePtr toIce (const Eigen::Isometry3f &pose)
QuaternionPtr toIce (const Eigen::Matrix3f &rotation)
PosePtr toIce (const Eigen::Matrix4f &pose)
QuaternionPtr toIce (const Eigen::Matrix< float, 3, 3, Eigen::RowMajor > &rotation)
PosePtr toIce (const Eigen::Matrix< float, 4, 4, Eigen::RowMajor > &pose)
QuaternionPtr toIce (const Eigen::Quaternionf &quaternion)
Vector3Ptr toIce (const Eigen::Vector3f &vector)
void toIce (PoseBasePtr &ice, const Eigen::Matrix4f &pose)
void toIce (PoseBasePtr &ice, const Eigen::Matrix< float, 4, 4, Eigen::RowMajor > &pose)
void toIce (QuaternionBasePtr &ice, const Eigen::Matrix3f &rotation)
void toIce (QuaternionBasePtr &ice, const Eigen::Matrix< float, 3, 3, Eigen::RowMajor > &rotation)
void toIce (QuaternionBasePtr &ice, const Eigen::Quaternionf &quaternion)
void toIce (Vector3BasePtr &ice, const Eigen::Vector3f &vector)


const VariantTypeId Pose = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::PoseBase")
const VariantTypeId Quaternion = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::QuaternionBase")
const VariantTypeId Vector2 = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::Vector2Base")
const VariantTypeId Vector3 = Variant::addTypeName("::armarx::Vector3Base")