armarx::cprs Namespace Reference


class  Always
 Implementation of Always. More...
class  And
 Implementation of AndBase. More...
class  CompoundedRequestStrategy
 Implementation of CompoundedRequestStrategyBase. More...
class  ComputingPowerRequestStrategy
 Implementation of ComputingPowerRequestStrategyBase. More...
class  CPRSAwareMotionPlanningTask
 Implementation of the slice interface CPRSAwarePlanningTaskBase. More...
class  ElapsedTime
 Implementation of ElapsedTimeBase. More...
class  Never
 Implementation of NeverBase. More...
class  NoNodeCreated
 Implementation of NoNodeCreatedBase. More...
class  Not
 Implementation of NotBase. More...
class  Or
 Implementation of OrBase. More...
class  TaskStatus
 Implementation of TaskStatusBase. More...
class  TotalNodeCount
 Implementation of TotalNodeCountBase. More...


using AlwaysPtr = IceInternal::Handle< Always >
using AndPtr = IceInternal::Handle< And >
using ComputingPowerRequestStrategyPtr = IceInternal::Handle< ComputingPowerRequestStrategy >
using CPRSAwareMotionPlanningTaskPtr = IceInternal::Handle< CPRSAwareMotionPlanningTask >
 An ice handel for a CPRSAwarePlanningTask. More...
using ElapsedTimePtr = IceInternal::Handle< ElapsedTime >
using NeverPtr = IceInternal::Handle< Never >
using NoNodeCreatedPtr = IceInternal::Handle< NoNodeCreated >
using NotPtr = IceInternal::Handle< Not >
using OrPtr = IceInternal::Handle< Or >
using TaskStatusPtr = IceInternal::Handle< TaskStatus >
using TotalNodeCountPtr = IceInternal::Handle< TotalNodeCount >

Typedef Documentation

◆ AlwaysPtr

◆ AndPtr

Definition at line 185 of file ComputingPowerRequestStrategy.h.

◆ ComputingPowerRequestStrategyPtr

◆ CPRSAwareMotionPlanningTaskPtr

An ice handel for a CPRSAwarePlanningTask.

Definition at line 36 of file CPRSAwareMotionPlanningTask.h.

◆ ElapsedTimePtr

◆ NeverPtr

◆ NoNodeCreatedPtr

◆ NotPtr

Definition at line 303 of file ComputingPowerRequestStrategy.h.

◆ OrPtr

Definition at line 225 of file ComputingPowerRequestStrategy.h.

◆ TaskStatusPtr

◆ TotalNodeCountPtr