OpenHandAndDetachSkill Class Reference

#include <RobotSkillTemplates/libraries/skill_grasp_object/putdown/OpenHandAndDetach.h>

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Public Types

using ArgType = grasp_object::arondto::OpenHandAndDetachAcceptedType
- Public Types inherited from SpecializedSkill< grasp_object::arondto::OpenHandAndDetachAcceptedType >
using ParamType = grasp_object::arondto::OpenHandAndDetachAcceptedType
- Public Types inherited from Skill
using CallbackT = std::function< void(const aron::data::DictPtr &)>

Public Member Functions

 OpenHandAndDetachSkill (armem::client::MemoryNameSystem &mns, armarx::viz::Client &arviz, TwoArmGraspControlSkillContext &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TwoArmGraspControlSkill
 TwoArmGraspControlSkill (armem::client::MemoryNameSystem &mns, armarx::viz::Client &arviz, const std::string &layerName, TwoArmGraspControlSkillContext &c)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArvizSkillMixin
 ArvizSkillMixin (const armarx::viz::Client &a, const std::string &ln)
void clearLayer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MNSSkillMixin
 MNSSkillMixin (const armem::client::MemoryNameSystem &m)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SpecializedSkill< grasp_object::arondto::OpenHandAndDetachAcceptedType >
Skill::MainResult executeFullSkill (const SpecializedMainInput &in)
Skill::ExitResult exitSkill (const SpecializedExitInput &in)
Skill::InitResult initSkill (const SpecializedInitInput &in)
bool isSkillAvailable (const SpecializedInitInput &in) const
Skill::MainResult mainOfSkill (const SpecializedMainInput &in)
 Skill ()=delete
 Skill (const SkillDescription &)
virtual ~SpecializedSkill ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from Skill
bool checkWhetherSkillShouldStopASAP () const
MainResult executeFullSkill (const MainInput &in)
 Do init, main, exit together. More...
ExitResult exitSkill (const ExitInput &in)
SkillID getSkillId () const
 The id of the skill (combination of provider and name must be unique). More...
InitResult initSkill (const InitInput &in)
bool isSkillAvailable (const InitInput &in) const
MainResult mainOfSkill (const MainInput &in)
void notifySkillToStopASAP ()
void resetSkill ()
 Skill ()=delete
 Skill (const SkillDescription &)
void waitForDependenciesOfSkill ()
virtual ~Skill ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from Logging
SpamFilterDataPtr deactivateSpam (float deactivationDurationSec=10.0f, const std::string &identifier="", bool deactivate=true) const
 disables the logging for the current line for the given amount of seconds. More...
MessageTypeT getEffectiveLoggingLevel () const
 Logging ()
void setLocalMinimumLoggingLevel (MessageTypeT level)
 With setLocalMinimumLoggingLevel the minimum verbosity-level of log-messages can be set. More...
void setTag (const LogTag &tag)
void setTag (const std::string &tagName)
virtual ~Logging ()

Static Public Attributes

static SkillDescription Description

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SpecializedSkill< grasp_object::arondto::OpenHandAndDetachAcceptedType >
static armarx::aron::type::ObjectPtr GetAcceptedType ()
 returns the accepted type of the skill More...
- Data Fields inherited from ArvizSkillMixin
armarx::viz::Client arviz
std::string layerName
- Data Fields inherited from MNSSkillMixin
armem::client::MemoryNameSystem mns
- Data Fields inherited from Skill
const SkillDescription description
 The descripion of the skill, which will be available via the provider/manager. More...
armarx::core::time::DateTime exited = armarx::core::time::DateTime::Invalid()
manager::dti::SkillManagerInterfacePrx manager = nullptr
 proxy that called the skills. Will be set from provider and is const afterwards More...
std::string providerName = "INVALID PROVIDER NAME"
 the provider that owns this skill. Will be set from provider and is const afterwards More...
armarx::core::time::DateTime started = armarx::core::time::DateTime::Invalid()
 running params More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Skill
void _exit ()
void _init ()
void _main ()
void installConditionWithCallback (std::function< bool()> &&f, std::function< void()> &&cb)
 install a condition which is frequently checked from the conditionCheckingThread More...
void notifyTimeoutReached ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Logging
bool checkLogLevel (MessageTypeT level) const
const LogSenderPtrgetLogSender () const
 Retrieve log sender. More...
LogSenderPtr loghelper (const char *file, int line, const char *function) const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Skill
static MainResult MakeAbortedResult (aron::data::DictPtr data=nullptr)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TwoArmGraspControlSkill
- Protected Attributes inherited from Skill
std::vector< std::pair< std::function< bool()>, std::function< void()> > > callbacks
 active conditions. First is condition (bool return func) More...
std::mutex callbacksMutex
std::atomic_bool running = false
 Use conditions this way. More...
std::atomic_bool stopped = false
std::atomic_bool timeoutReached = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from Logging
MessageTypeT minimumLoggingLevel
SpamFilterDataPtr spamFilter
LogTag tag

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file OpenHandAndDetach.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ArgType

using ArgType = grasp_object::arondto::OpenHandAndDetachAcceptedType

Definition at line 20 of file OpenHandAndDetach.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpenHandAndDetachSkill()

Field Documentation

◆ Description

SkillDescription Description
Initial value:
= skills::SkillDescription{
"Open the hand and detach an object from it",

Definition at line 28 of file OpenHandAndDetach.h.

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static Duration MilliSeconds(std::int64_t milliSeconds)
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