armarx::armem::robot_state Namespace Reference


 This file is part of ArmarX.


struct  JointState
class  RobotReader
 The RobotReader class. More...
class  RobotStatePredictionClient
class  RobotWriter
 The RobotReader class. More...
struct  Transform
struct  TransformHeader
class  VirtualRobotReader
 The VirtualRobotReader class. More...
class  VirtualRobotWriter
 The VirtualRobotReader class. More...


RobotReader::Hand fromHandName (const std::string &name)
armarx::armem::MemoryID makeMemoryID (const robot::RobotDescription &desc)
PackagePath resolvePackagePath (const std::string &filename)
template<typename AronClass >
std::optional< AronClass > tryCast (const wm::EntityInstance &item)


const MemoryID descriptionSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Description") }
const MemoryID exteroceptionSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Exteroception") }
const MemoryID localizationSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Localization") }
const MemoryID memoryID { "RobotState" }
const MemoryID proprioceptionSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Proprioception") }

Function Documentation

◆ fromHandName()

RobotReader::Hand armarx::armem::robot_state::fromHandName ( const std::string &  name)

Definition at line 667 of file RobotReader.cpp.

◆ makeMemoryID()

armarx::armem::MemoryID makeMemoryID ( const robot::RobotDescription desc)

Definition at line 5 of file utils.cpp.

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◆ resolvePackagePath()

PackagePath armarx::armem::robot_state::resolvePackagePath ( const std::string &  filename)

Definition at line 40 of file VirtualRobotWriter.cpp.

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◆ tryCast()

std::optional<AronClass> armarx::armem::robot_state::tryCast ( const wm::EntityInstance item)

Definition at line 427 of file RobotReader.cpp.

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Variable Documentation

◆ descriptionSegmentID

const MemoryID descriptionSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Description") }

Definition at line 31 of file memory_ids.cpp.

◆ exteroceptionSegmentID

const MemoryID exteroceptionSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Exteroception") }

Definition at line 33 of file memory_ids.cpp.

◆ localizationSegmentID

const MemoryID localizationSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Localization") }

Definition at line 34 of file memory_ids.cpp.

◆ memoryID

const MemoryID memoryID { "RobotState" }

Definition at line 29 of file memory_ids.cpp.

◆ proprioceptionSegmentID

const MemoryID proprioceptionSegmentID { memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Proprioception") }

Definition at line 32 of file memory_ids.cpp.